Child Safe.
User Friendly.
Brand Aware.

Introducing the Duallok CR3 child-resistant packaging system.
A synergy of simple, intuitive design and robust compliance.


Compliance testing
Certified child resistant and senior friendly under 16 CFR 1700 guidelines.
Patented locking
Patented lock mechanism keeps kids out but is simple to use for adults.
Card construction
Card based construction with almost limitless print options.
Award winning design support to help create your perfect package.
Duallok packaging   Duallok packaging

Premium. Simple. Safe.

Developed by an award-winning design team to provide the most beautiful, user friendly and compliant package for high-end controlled substances.

The patented double-lock design, certified under the 16 CFR 1700 guidelines for child resistance, keeps kids safe and brands compliant.

The opening experience is a masterclass in simple, intuitive interaction and has passed senior trials for easy opening.

The format can be tailored to house a wide range of products from vape cartridges, pre-rolled joints and concentrates, to pharmaceuticals and other healthcare related products.

How it Works

Duallok packaging


Duallok packaging
Duallok packaging


The Duallok packaging portfolio is covered by the following patents:

Patented: US9926125 Patents Pending: GB1618766.8; PCT/GB2017/050219; CA2981564; US15/329001; EP 3172138; CA 2956375; PCT/GB2015/052166; US16/073370

Duallokā€™s IP portfolio is managed and enforced in collaboration with Keltie LLP

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