Child Safe.
User Friendly.
Brand Weapon.

Introducing the award-winning Duallok child-resistant packaging system. A synergy of simple, intuitive design and robust compliance.

Patented locking
Patented Lock Mechanism
Card construction
Printed Card Construction
Award-winning Design Support
Duallok packaging  

Premium + Compliant

Developed by an award-winning design team to provide the most beautiful, user friendly and compliant package for vapes, edibles, pre-rolls and more.

The patented double-lock design, certified under the 16 CFR 1700 guidelines for child resistance with easy opening for seniors, keeps kids safe and brands compliant.

Duallok packaging

In Stock Across the U.S.A

Even at the best of times, supply-chain disruptions can be a nightmare. That's why we hold a rolling-stock of our most popular sizes in the U.S.A.

Simply purchase a standard colour, then have your favorite local printer produce your custom sleeve and insert. Simple, fast and cost-effective.

Duallok packaging  

Min Height: 4.37” (111mm)
Max Height: 8” (203mm)
Min Width: 2.16” (55mm)

Max Width: 2.75” (70mm)
Min Depth: 0.8” (20mm)
Max Depth: 1” (25mm)

Duallok packaging


We wanted to use zero plastic but when we saw what kids can do to a cardboard box we realised it was going to be almost impossible.

Instead, we've tried to use as little as possible and make what we do use, easy to recycle.

The construction is predominantly cardboard, which comes from FSC certified, responsible sources.

The (PP) locking tab includes a code for recycling and is easily removed after use.

The tear-resistant laminate is thinner than a human hair and is easily separated during recycling.

Our first job was to protect kids, our second is to protect the environment. We aren't perfect yet, but we care and we will keep pushing.


The Duallok packaging portfolio is covered by the following patents:

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Patents Pending: CA 3057927; GB 2201165.4; PCT/GB2023/050191.


Duallok’s IP portfolio is managed and enforced in collaboration with Keltie LLP.

Keystone Law are the general counsel to Duallok advising on litigation and dispute resolution, intellectual property commercial contracts and data protection.


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